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Ku Disco Rimini 1988


Recorded live at Ku  Disco, Rimini, in 1988.
Includes Hue & Cry, M.A.R.R.S., Was not Was, Say When, Terence Trent D’Arby, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Rick Astley  and others.




Dolce Vita Disco Viserba 1994


Recorded live at Dolce Vita Discoteca, Viserba di Rimini, 1994.
Includes Aladino, Corona, Jovanotti, 883, Nikita, Paraje, Outhere Brothers, 2 Cowboys, Ice M.C., Molella and others.



Pop/Dance mix #18, 1985


Studio recording, 1985.
Includes Matt Bianco, Grace Jones, A-Ha, Simple Minds, Depeche Mode, Tears for Fears, Stevie Wonder, the Cure, Simply Red, Den Harrow, Sandra, Thompson Twins, Level 42,  Prince, Kate Bush and others.




DJ Trend Underground Goodies 1996


Studio recording, 1996.

Mixed at DJ Trend record shop, Rimini, Italy. Includes great titles like Sandy B, Ruffneck etc.




Funk, Soul, Reggae and Disco 1976-1984


Studio recording, 1986.
Includes Claudja Barry,  James Brown, K.C. & Sunshine Band, Edwin Starr, Bob Marley, John Tropea, Love International, Dennis Edwards, Rah Band, Kurtis Blow, Silver Convention, Jesse Green, Monyaka and many others.




DJ Trend Underground Goodies 7/93


Studio recording, July 1993.

Mixed at DJ Trend record shop, Rimini, Italy.  Great garage and house tracks!

Includes The Fog, Harddrive, Gabrielle, Robin S and many others.




The Basement Mixes, vol. 1 – italo disco and early dance music


This is the fist of  a series of new studio recordings made using digital vinyl, but with no digital tricks or edits of any kind. True old school mixes!
Includes  The Creatures, Duke Lake, Gaz Nevada, Heaven 17, Roni Griffith, Klein & MBO, Yazoo, Pete Shelley, Amin Peck, Paul Paul and many others.




DJ Trend “playing with Numark sampler” house mix 1992


Studio recording, 1992.

Mixed at DJ Trend record shop, Rimini, Italy.  An experiment where all tracks are mixed with/over a looped track recorded on the Numark mixer’s built-in sampler.  Includes great titles like JayDee (Plastic Dreams) and Nightcrawlers.




House Mix vol. I – Early House Music, 1987


Studio recording, recorded in 1987. Great early House Music songs!

Includes Marshall Jefferson, Raze, JM Silk, Raz, Housemaster Boyz, Mario Reyes, Farley Jackmaster Funk, Adonis, Steve Silk Hurley, Tommy Musto, Beatmasters, Moonfou and others.




DJ Trend Tribal Murk House Mix 1992


Studio recording, 1992.

Mixed at DJ Trend record shop, Rimini, Italy. Includes some of the best Murk Production tracks – if you are reading this, you know what I’m talking about 🙂